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PEfocus helps teachers to successfully deliver A Level PE

PEfocus is passionate about the quality of everything we do

PEfocus brings an unrivalled wealth of:

  • Professional excellence

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What we offer

OCR AS/A-Level PE Teacher Resources

Teacher Courses

PEfest – Annual National Conference for teachers of OCR AS/A-level PE


Latest News


  • Aug302017

    Some feedback!

    Here’s some feedback we received from our September ’17 socio-cultural teacher day in London “A great course with SVW –…

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  • Aug262016

    OCR Reviewing New Resources

    Great news – OCR has started reviewing our 12 ‘new spec.’ resources – and some have already been officially endorsed…

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  • Apr142016

    New OCR Spec AS / GCE Resources available at different times between June and September 2016

    We’re excited to announce that our ever popular, trusted, tried and tested Teacher Resource Files(TRFs) are currently being re-written / completely overhauled …

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